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3 min readAug 27, 2020

As promised our content will be colourful and full of variety. Having said that, we are back with another write up to demonstrate to you the air of 3D printing.

Imagine your laptop/device without software. It is like a paralyzed body without a soul. Their existence holds no value. Guess what, this blog is all set to take you in the plane of 3D printing software.

Essentially the wave of CAD SOFTWARE crosses our mind when we talk about 3 D modelling software. However 3D modelling software may also refer to optimisation or simulation software or STL FILE preparing software. Adding to this we have market software catering the managing production flows.


A lot has to be taken into consideration when we work on 3D model, factors like cost, weight, figures, geometry, printing support, etc. Hence planning plays a crucial role.

3D modelling software

1. Solid modelling

2. Surface modelling

3. Organic modelling


The one sure shot solution is CAD SOFTWARE. The choice is wide in this category of software. Points that require consideration before putting your hands on is:

1. Level of expertise

2. Features you will be needing

3. Want cloud based solution or not

4. The Complexity of designs inclusion of length, angle.

Example: Solidworks, CATIA, CREO, Fushion360, Free CAD



It is created for the purpose of designing surface of an object and not a solid interior. They are appropriate for users aiming for aesthetic designs. They are acceptable in artistic sectors mainly animation and 3D compositing market.

Example: CATIA, blender, Rhinoceros.



We can create free form surfaces with complex details. Organic Modelling is used to design characters or sculptures. Such software are widely used in the film industry or jewelry designing.

EXAMPLE: Pixologic’s Brush.


It is essential to know about these modelling softwares before you run your hands in the same. Their specialisation and knowledge and technical know-how will only add beauty to your creation.

Hope this was informative. Do leave your feedback in the comment section. If you that we shall serve on you some topic, do let us know in comments. We will meet again on next Wednesday with a new blog and knowledge feed.



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