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1 min readMay 6, 2020


“Look at usual things with unusual eyes” — Vico Magisterreti

Humans have been obsessed with 3D modelling since ages. Several 3D sculptures have been found by archeologists belonging to way back to 3300 BCE Indus Valley civilization. Fast forward to 2020, the fixation for 3D models continues, except for the fact that Photogrammetry technology has completely revolutionized the 3D modelling!

Using 3D scanner pro, you can convert your smartphone into a 3D scanner!

Below are some cool 3D models that have been made using mere a smartphone and nothing else!!

  1. Here is the model of a bunch of books, just a few out of 134 million books out there!

2. Model of a Yamaha. By the way did you know Yamaha started as a piano manufacturer!

3. The oldest chair found is almost 5000 years old! No, not this one! The chair below was just lying in our office:

4. For all those doctors out there, a model of human ear:

5. Finally, a Toyota model, formerly known as T-O-Y-O-D-A!

Hope you enjoyed these!

Hurry up! Create your own model using 3D scanner pro and do share with us.



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