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3 min readMay 27, 2020

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Today there are multiple choices for a person who is into 3D scanning. First there are handheld professional equipment which are colossal in size and sophistication. Then there is computer software with smaller machinery which require training for usage. Contrarily, there are Photogrammetry based mobile applications (like 3D Scanner Pro) that can convert your smartphone into a 3D Scanner! These require no training or pre-knowledge.

Hand-held 3D Scanners

This article focuses on the cost analysis of these technologies and will enable you to make an informed choice before you start 3D scanning. Cost of handheld bulky 3D scanning equipment ranges from USD 6900 to USD 40,000.

Bulky 3D scanning equipment

Cost of desktop-based 3D scanning instruments range from USD 3000 to USD 50K. There are many reasons for this exorbitant pricing. One of which are the hidden expenses incurred while research and development of these complex technology, which are borne by the customer. Also, economies of scale are not leverageable for the industry due to low customer base and many competitors.

Cost of 3D scanning apps is comparatively very less. These apps charge USD 1 to USD 80 per model download.

One of the most viable and affordable option for more specialized 3D scanning is 3D Scanner Pro app which is available for just USD 5 (for 12 downloadable models). Using the app, smartphone becomes a standalone tool to turn photos into 3D model. The resulting 3D models are stored locally on your device and can be shared in many formats (OBJ, FBX) with others.

3D Scanner Pro app

After buying the app, you get 48 download credits and 160 processing credits to make 40 high quality models. Using 48 download credits, you will be able to download 12 high quality models.

Credit bank page

To increase model download limit further, user can purchase more credits within the app using in easy in-app purchase option. Moreover, if user would like to edit the processed 3d model such as transforming, cutting some portion of model and changing rotation/scale of it, a request can be made to ‘Edit the Model’. Further, a unique feature- if model doesn’t come nice, you can ‘Claim your credits back’, within 72 hours. Also, you can make unlimited claims!

Hope you made your decision by now, happy 3D scanning!!



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