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5 min readSep 18, 2020

For technology, even the sky is not the limit. It’s constant up-gradation and improvisation makes it so dynamic. It is ever-changing. You can never say only this much can be done, there is no bar.

Waking up to traditional alarm clock that we use to set manually, to just giving a command to SIRI to fill in, from depositing cash to your nearest bank to just tapping at google pay, we have come a long way and there is really a long way to go.

For today’s blog, we are all tight to deliver as much information as we can be related to HOW ONLINE RETAILER CAN USE 3D MODELS? In our previous write-ups, we have shared the usage of 3D modeling in terms of the industry but this write up is specific to ONLINE RETAILING.

Change is always the need, team XPLORAZZI believes so. Physical stores tend to earn a lot but when put in a comparison with E-STORES/ONLINE STORES, the latter is probably most suitable and yields more profit. The sole aim of a business is to earn a monetary return in the multiple of what is invested. Thanks to the technology that allows a business to do so by bringing smoother experience and high-resolution 3D images for customers. The 3D model tends to be very interactive and engaging in the sense that it gives the feel no less than the real-physical products in one's hand. The customer can use 3D view-zoom in-out, rotation of the object, see motion videos, and products from different angles. These smart features make it easier for the customer to rely on online purchases of the product. The businesses tend to earn more via online presence. It has become a necessity today. It is rightly said what can be shown, can be sold.

One may wonder why today the online presence of the business is increasing when it could have been down earlier also? When we look back, probably two decades back the technology still exists but does not offer what it does today. It uses to engage a lot of cost, time, efforts and was unfit for large catalogs back then. However today the process is much simpler and saves a lot. You make require an initial investment but in the long run, it becomes very cost-effective. Following are the steps that need to be followed-

1. Shoot the object with a good camera

2. Upload the captures images into the processing platform(app, software)

3. Let it get transformed into a 3D model and done.

Once the model is ready it can be shared on any platform that suited your business website, application, print anywhere. It does not consume more time too. The advanced technology reduces the time to as much as rate-10 times.

Earlier certain product types and materials were difficult to be captured and converted into a 3D model but technological advancement made it possible now. Leather goods, black colored items, shiny and glossy items, jewelry items couldn’t be converted back then. E-greeting cards, clothing items, accessories, and gems everything can be captured and converted into 3D models for consumers.

However, a smart business move always considers the requirement of consumers and behaves accordingly. Earlier the goods were produced and sold in the market but now the market is customer-oriented offering choice to the King if the market-consumer. Product details with traffic , customer engagement, conversion rate are key factors that guide marketers in all industries. Still, the 3D model is a blessing that in combination with analytical tools can pave way for innovation and market and gives a smoother consumer experience.

After going through the above lines you must understand the need of 3D model and why they are preferred.

  1. 3D product modeling for e-commerce is estimated to be profitable and efficient. Photography is economical, faster sales is a considerable factor and fewer returns takes place. Customers value for every penny they spent and hence on comparing both online and offline stores, online fits to be in their budget and saves efforts; which is calculated to be a plus point when we see from sellers perspective.

2. Secure future of 3D commerce is one thing that experts say. The content that goes on the online stores has to be creative and various experiments can be done with the same. Customers are able to feel the product before they actually buy it. Innovation has been witnessed when it narrows down to images that will go on e-platforms. Various photogrammetry, scanning, CAD models will sort this. Online stores do aids in offline stores. The product can be seen online and may be purchased from a nearby physical store. All these points are enough to gather that online stores are no harm.

3.Visual world and happening tend to remain in the mind of people and are absorbed in seconds. From social sites to purchase everything comes in your hand with a smartphone. People are shifting more towards online shopping for the reason that it is from the comfort of their home and saves time and effort; after all, time is money. Mega Retailers like Amazon, Walmart, etc uses e-store as their marketing strategy and their effective results cannot be ignored.

4. Videos support 3D model. Along with the 3D model, a product video can be uploaded for better product experience. Feature like try and buy online have significantly boost the sales.

Considering everything we are of the opinion that 3D model holds a lot in the future. Possibly every industry will need 3D model in the near future. But this doesn’t stop us to improve. We are working hard to improve more and create more.

We will be back with a new blog addressing different topics next week. Till then stay tuned. Drop your feedback in the comment section. We really hope you find this blog useful.



3D Scanner

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