Mistakes to avoid while 3D scanning using phone

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3 min readMay 21, 2020

“If you do it right, it will last forever”- Massimo Vignelli

3D scanning apps have made 3d scanner equipment futile. These apps are capable of creating quintessential 3D models with the use of a smartphone itself. However, there are some points that you must keep in your mind while 3D scanning with these apps. Generally, apps like ‘3D Scanner Pro’ provide these directives and guidance inside the app too. Here is an inclusive and exhaustive list for further reference:

  1. Capture all possible angles of the object: 3D scanning apps work on the technique of Photogrammetry- which combines several images together to create a 3D mesh. More the number of angles and dimensions covered, closer your model will be to the real object.
Capturing every possible angle
Capturing every possible angle

2. Maintain proper overlapping: Photogrammetry technique involves a process called ‘point matching’. Better overlapping among the captured images ensures more number of ‘point matches’, thus better model quality.

Maintaining proper overlap

3. Make sure that your object fits your screen: A 3D scanning app is capable of scanning objects of all sizes, but care must be taken to ensure proper distance of the object from the camera so that the model will fit well.

4. Proper lighting: It is recommended that 3D scanning is done in proper lighting. This ensures proper brightness and contrast in the 3D model. Further, for objects with complex geometry ensure that there are no shadows.

5. Maintaining equal distance while scanning around the object: While taking multiple images around the object, make sure that you are equidistant each time. This makes the ‘point matching’ are efficient.

6. Ensure contrast with the background: Use black (read dark) background for white (read bright) objects and white for black ones. By doing this, the overall visibility of the model increases.

7. Avoid scanning moving objects: Photogrammetry does not work on the moving objects because the point matches are not possible that way. Thus, make sure the object you are scanning is static. This applies to the models of human face as well.

8. Avoid scanning plain objects: This is because they lack geometrical complexion and the model formed will be as good as an image itself!

Avoid scanning plain objects

9. Avoid scanning transparent objects: Photogrammetry works well on opaque objects only. So, avoid making models of transparent or translucent objects.

Avoid scanning transparent objects like these

Follow these advices and we vouch that your 3D model will be true to life!



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