Scope of 3D Printing

With a new write up, new goals and new information we are ready to fill you with this amazing content on SCOPE OF 3D PRINTING. If you do not know what 3D printing is it is urge to check our previous blogs. Now stand up, hold your device, walk and read carefully to enter into next level.

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3D printing is already having a significant impact in dental industry. It is used in producing crowns, surgical guides, and dental aligned moulds. 3D printing has a wider scope and potential to become ruling technology in dental sector. Analysis and study indicates 3D printer sales will cross the bar of sales of machining hardware and technology may become the leading method of production of dental restoration and device.

Source- CANVA


With the market research and survey it can be concluded that there is a lack of expertise, knowledge and education about 3D printing. To counter this problem a lot of efforts has been put in the direction of educating the market on getting started with 3D printing. This is done by introducing online-offline courses, trade shows, workshops, creating education content. The aim is to spread the word about 3D printing and making its potential market aware on capabilities of it, only then an investment (monetary) and expertise-technical know-how can be created. However targeting the pain point will result in securing safer future for 3D printing.

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It is one if the fastest growing segment when it comes to 3D Printing. It is already serving and contributing significantly but its true peak and potential are yet to be reached. Aerospace, medical are the early adopters, however there will be a shift in demand. Automotive, industrial goods and energy sectors are starting using 3D printing production. There is a wider sector to be covered and this can happen with collaborations-expertise to develop standardized and quality products.

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It is never ending hustle to make 3D printing the effective and smartest technology. Attempts and plans are drawn to use sensors and cameras which can be fitted inside 3D printer so that we can measure multiple aspects, frame building process and ensure requirements are met. It is also being tried to put together both learning algorithms and sensors to make 3D printing a better and smarter process. Sensors can help fetch data and it can be fed to machine learning system.

It can be anticipated that 3D printer will have cameras, scanners, sensors and machine learning algorithms altogether to reduce risk if failure and making process easier.

Source- CANVA


Light weight, string material are composite and used in aerospace, automotive, oil, gas & industrial goods. As per the recent studies, composite manufacturing is extremely labour intensive with combination of large resources and capital, production cycle is longer due to inadequate software. Companies are looking for better alternatives and are ready to leap into them. This statement itself makes this clear that market is already laid for 3D printing. It is just that companies need to improve technology & expand, for using composite 3D printing.

Source- CANVA

Hence it can be included that seen these little rays about 3D printing scope we are able to make you realize how important and necessary 3D printing will become in future. Its scope, potential to be the leading industry in future cannot be neglected. It is an alternative, primary technology for so many unexplored areas.

We as humans can do so much in technology. Remember that WE CREATED TECHNOLOGY & NOT THE CONVERSE.

We will update you soon with new blog of ours. Stay tuned!!



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