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4 min readSep 5, 2020

Hello dear readers !!

Team XPLORAZZI is back with new blog, this time to give you a tour of its application 3D SCANNER APP. We know you like to experiment and learn new things. Creativity is an art, we believe and we want to pave your way towards it. 3D SCANNER APP is a little push to enhance your SKILLSET and learn how to create actual 3-Dimensional models.

It is not only used by professional, industries but it is designed to give you an user friendly experience. With instructions set that we have created a layman can create models too.

The guide to capture right:

1. Photography guide: The technique powers you in making distinction about subject matter and situation.

2. Shooting techniques: It tells us the right angles, right focus of the camera when we intended to click picture/video.

3. Blurry shots: Guides us that the shot has been blurry and doesn’t fit in right.

4. Overlap region: If the picture taken overlaps with the previous that will disconnect the model, it will scan that and give us the warning.

5. Correct distance: Taking picture from closeness or taking picture from far both are not the right distances to be picked, a message pops up when it happens.

6. Moving target: A stationary object will yield better results while processing of images into a 3D model and hence moving objects creates a trouble while 3D model is being created.

7. Transparent objects: We regret to make through this since the app doesn’t allow conversion of reflective, transparent texture into 3D models.

When you click the picture it even tells you that whether it is blur, captured right or not, is it overlapping ? and takes you to the edge of no less than professional. You require minimum of 10 pictures that are needed to be captured or can be imported from your gallery to convert them into 3D MODEL. You always have the liberty to go for more pictures to get a detailed model.

Once the pictures are selected or captured the application takes time to process them. Once the processing is done it will show you a 3D model, you can zoom in-out, rotate, flip, view details and it is a smooth experience as our users have reviewed.

We are all human beings and we always look up for recognition to our work. Social media platform caters to our needs. Our app understands the requirement and is all sort to engage you with people.

You can either download the model and share it, or otherwise you can share your creation on the app itself and people can reach out to it. It will also help you to see the number of views. You can too see what others have designed, if you like it give it a thumbs up, comment.

Moving on to the the folder that says local model stores everything you have created. It gives you the time,date,storage location. It has an option called model viewer that will show you the model. It has an revolving function. You can see it from various angles, length. The additional support is wireframe view, skeleton view, points and face view. You can dim the light or brighten it up using lights off/on option. Under toggle texture option you can off it and then you can see inside the object(white coloured).

The app also gives you an option to set things as per your ways. It is committed to show you your social profile, usage reports, contacting developer, sending feedback, rating the app and more.

You just need your email Id to login in and off. The app is all set to welcome you and give you the smoothest experience you can imagine.

Hope this blog must have helped you to gather most of it to know about the app. If you don’t believe the reading, then surely try out our app and you will know us. We also request you to refer our previous blogs which address the topics like 3D printing and money making, usage, industries, etc.




3D Scanner

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